New House

So I did a thing…today, I closed on my 1st home! The front yard is Ingleside loamy sand, 0 to 5 percent slopes (IngB). This is the best I can find so far for Ingleside series associated vegetation:

Wooded areas have an overstory of white oak, black oak, and scarlet oak. Some areas have Virginia pine and loblolly pine mixed with the oaks. Common understory species are sassafras, dogwood, greenbriar, American holly, and lowbush blueberry.


Broadly, this soil type is associated with uplands.

My backyard is Berryland and Mullica soils, 0 to 2 percent slopes, occasionally flooded (BEXAS). This is a nice survey for the county that talks about Berryland associations…

  • pitch pine
  • red maple
  • sweetgum
  • black gum
  • Atlantic white cedar
  • high-bush blueberry
  • inkberry
  • sweet pepperbush
  • sheep laurel
  • greenbriar

This woody vegetation assemblage generally tracks for mixed wet forest and the backyard occasionally floods. It is also rated as “good” for wetland and shallow water plants (“fair” for the latter insofar as Mullica is concerned).

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