24 Hr Pelagic

Tonight we got back from an overnight adventure at sea! They boarded in order of booking, and I was lucky enough to have scored a bunk by booking early! 🙂 I slept in a t-shirt and shorts, and ended up a little chilly under a light blanket in the dead of night. (I was too tired to maneuver to get to my sleeping bag, though.)

I was pleasantly awoken by someone shouting out my lifer black-capped petrel! Nemesis no more; this was the bird I didn’t get to see on my 1st ever pelagic. (One was spotted from the boat that day, I just didn’t get to see it.) So, it was great to get good looks at several. Also, it was my 1st time seeing band-rumped storm-petrel since that 1st ever pelagic a decade ago! I felt more confident separating them myself this time, so the closer looks were rewarding.

I eventually put on my ExOfficio sun-proof long-sleeved shirt and pants, and was comfortable in flip flops for the rest of the day. A hat kept the sun off my face, but I should have put on sunscreen (duh). I got a little burnt by the end of the day, but luckily nothing terrible. Next time, I’d bring a light pullover just in case.

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