On the Wing Scientific Consulting LLC

My colleague and I have started a business! Use the contact form on our website to get in touch with if you’re interested in our services.

  • data entry
  • error-checking
  • formatting
  • summary
  • spatial analysis


  • Open Source: I use open source software & solutions whenever we can, ultimately aiming to create tools that are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a computer. I not only like the accountability that open source software provides as developers (i.e. the ability to test, edit and check for errors), I am actively engaged with the social justice aspect this development philosophy embodies. In other words, by furthering open source solutions, we can break down accessibility barriers associated with at-times high cost of closed-source software that has long-dominated the solutions of certain types of problems.
    • Automate wherever possible: Design-wise, closed-source software is often difficult to automate and relies on the building of user interfaces, slowing down solution times by requiring manual user steps. By automating solutions through open source routes, we can get you the fastest products with the most reproducible workflows.
  • Open Science: I am committed to the cause of open science. As such, I like to share work on open platforms in the development phase, since we are a team working together remotely via co-editing scripts and other related files. I would love to ultimately share any of the work related to our collaboration with you as part of our portfolio, whether that be something non-interactive such as screenshots for our website, or scripts we produce for you. For some projects, this may be a beneficial way to share and showcase code, that you can either link to for your own purposes or upload as part of a journal requirement/incorporate into supplementary material for an article. It also allows us as authors to maintain an easily accessible “master copy” in the repository in case anything breaks, collaborate with you (or others) to mutually agree on and understand modifications so everyone is in sync (literally, in the computer sense), and thereby keep solutions up-to-date in the case of e.g. available methodological improvements.

Data Privacy & Embargoes

If you would prefer any data or products related to your research to be private, I will accommodate any needs for sharing or transmission that ensures confidentiality of solutions we provide. I have an account on GitLab, which is a private option in lieu of GitHub. I can add you as a collaborator there if you would like to stay up-to-date on code developments. Alternatively, I can keep your products off the web altogether, as well as provide encryption protection for file sharing. I am committed to whatever solution makes you most comfortable in terms of your project.