I was finally comfortable temperature-wise on a boat out on the high seas today! I share this so others might know how to plan for their trips (and to remind people how cold it is on the open ocean). From land, the day started in the high 50s. On land, the temps got into the low 70s (I think) but I don’t think the temps over the ocean got out of the 50s. We went 65 miles offshore and spent 12 hours on the boat. Here’s what I wore, and it’s the first time I haven’t been cold.

  • Duffel coat parka
  • Wind stopper gloves
  • “Trucker” style baseball cap
  • Light smart wool base layer
  • Summer field pants
  • wool compression socks
  • Arctic muck boots

So, please go prepared with lots of layers for your trip! It can be really cool even when the weather is mild, and it’s better to have layers you don’t need than to be stuck without what you do need.

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