Overnight Pelagic

Tonight we return from an incredible day at sea! We left 9pm last night and temps were in the low 70s. It appears that land temps in Wildwood got down to an overnight low of 59F and high in the 80s. There was minimal wind and very calm seas. Here’s what I needed to keep me comfortable throughout the night/day…

  • short-sleeved tee shirt
  • cotton leggings
  • flip-flops
  • sleeping bag
  • UPF hooded pullover
  • parka
  • visor
  • Costa sunglasses

In short, it was a very easy day conditions-wise. If it had been just a bit windier, I probably could have used my wind-stopper gloves and trucker hat to stay more easily in place. I also wonder if it would have been cool enough with wind to require closed-toed shoes.

Marine life was spectacular! We got to see Risso’s dolphins, Cuvier’s beaked whale, pilot whales, and looked straight down to a basking shark that swam right under the bow of the boat. There was a Portuguese man-of-war floating by that we got good looks at, as well as some triggerfish feeding on sargassum.

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