Dating an Ecologist

My guy is the one on the right. 🙂 Another nostalgic post, because today is our 2 year dating anniversary! I took this photo when we went to Scuppernong prairie on a successful search for eared false-foxglove. I’ll spare you the naturalist details of why this is cool (I talked about this in a prior post I wrote at that time). More so, it’s so much fun dating someone who loves to do the same things you do. That is, of course, how we started hanging out. He quickly became my favorite person to bird with, and he reintroduced me to wildflowers. From there, we’d take many adventures at the end of the day or on weekends to look for stuff outside. He became my companion and best friend, which turned into something more. Once we were dating, I loved the occasional summer excursion to his field site, which involved camping in the north woods and exploring in our spare time. We’ve had many good times together, sharing our love of ecology, and especially birds…here’s to many more!

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