This weekend, my mom and boyfriend were visiting for my birthday (and for the latter, it’s  our 2-year dating anniversary tomorrow). We arrived at the bog around 3:30 PM to a few black-capped chickadees and a northern shrike, and made our way to McDavitt Rd. around 4 PM . We cruised the road slowly, talked to a couple looking for owls, and continued past another car. As we got toward the “big clearing,” I spotted the first great gray owl I’ve ever personally spotted! We got excellent looks at it from the car. It flew off, unfortunately not staying long enough for the couple we met to see it. As we continued out on the road, a large flock of black-capped chickadees crossed the road in front of us.

Then, we continued down Admiral Rd., where we talked to photographers walking the road. They had another great gray owl further down! We were able to find this one easily too along the side of the road (pictured). Another shrike alighted in the woods as we were driving out. Then, on Sax Rd., we saw 3 ruffed grouse budding, which was the latest in the day Paul and I had ever seen them.

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