Yard Tree Candidates

From the list native to the county that would also produce some yummy fruits (for me and the birds) or add conservation value…

  • green ash – can tolerate poorly-drained (back yard)
    • https://entomologytoday.org/2016/03/07/heres-how-to-inspect-your-trees-for-emerald-ash-borer/
    • https://eab.russell.wisc.edu/signs-and-symptoms/
    • questionable native status in the county though: http://capemaywildlife.com/_templates/group_oleaceae.html
  • common serviceberry – well drained (front yard)
  • Canadian serviceberry – ditto
  • sand hickory – front yard
  • common hackberry – not picky (back yard?)
    • native status in the county disputed: http://capemaywildlife.com/_templates/group_elms.html
  • common persimmon – loamy (front yard)
  • American hollyBerryland (backyard)
  • black walnut – sandy loam (front yard)
  • eastern redcedar – well-drained but also wet (either?)
  • mountain laurel – well-drained (front yard)
  • northern spicebush – not picky, average/moist (back yard?)
  • sweetgum – logs for mushrooms if you take yours down?
  • tulip tree – well-drained (front yard)
  • southern crab apple – not picky? well-drained (front yard?)
  • red mulberrywell-drained but moist (either?)
  • American plum – not picky (back yard?)
  • black cherry – well-drained (front yard)

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