New Camera Tips

  • Here, someone was asking about a photo they took of a backlit bird on a cloudy day with my same camera + lens. I pulled quotes from some of the comments…
    • “I usually shoot in Manual mode. I try to set my ISO at anywhere from 640-1000 on cloudy days like today. Then I’ll adjust the shutter speed to the fastest I can get away with and still have enough light coming in.”
    • “If they have a spot feature you can use the bird as the baseline for auto white balance and metering.”
    • “But since the background is lighter than your subject, you’ll also need to bump up your exposure compensation. Depending on the amount of backlighting, exposure compensation may need to be bumped up to +1 or even more.”
  • This photographer was asking for advice on focus by showing a photo at ISO 3200 (but with a much better lens than mine).
  • Then, there was this thread with my exact setup!
    • change the settings (if possible) to choose a single focal point
    • “To get whole bird in focus you would need to shoot at f/8 or higher.”
  • A photographer posted this photo and received some feedback: “On the T5 and other consumer-level cameras, you are going to run into issues with a high ISO, such as the loss of detail you see here. It’s tempting to get as fast of a shutter speed as possible, but if you want better quality, practice shooting at a slower shutter speed and a lower ISO.”
  • Hope was given here on adding an extender to my current setup: “I shoot with the same lens along with 1:4 extender”
  • A thread on shooting hummingbirds

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