Pelagic Do-Over

Today we went on a pelagic, which was spectacular! This time, I was spared from awful seasickness and got to fully enjoy the day. The temps ranged from the 30’s through the mid-50’s F (air temp from land) and sunny. As you would imagine, though, this was quite cold on a boat! Here’s what I wore…

  • faux fur-lined knit hat with chinstrap
  • face mask (sign of the times, but nice when it was so chilly!)
  • light wool buff
  • light Smartwool base layer
  • merino wool sweater
  • puffy knee-length vest-dress
  • thigh-length waterproof winter coat
  • windproof gloves
  • fleece-lined leggings
  • wool compression socks
  • Arctic muck boots

What I would do differently based on how cold I was…

  • heavy Smartwool base layer
  • waterproof pants layer
  • warmer waterproof gloves

This was a mild day, and I took off no layers during the day. Be prepared for your cold season ventures into the deep! We were rewarded for our venturing not only with some great birds, but a great white shark swimming right under the bow!

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