We’ve Arrived!

We got in this evening and I have to say, I’m pretty thrilled with our native-filled yard in an otherwise unassuming neighborhood. I found a neglected hummingbird feeder that I scrubbed out and hung near my “work from home” window, under the shade of a small tree. Hopefully we’ll have more birdie visitors soon!

Where I’m living now is a slightly more “upland” site, but that’s just compared to its immediate surroundings (i.e. very slight, still very low elevation). The site is classified as 0-5% slope and is underlain by Fort Mott sand (FobB MUKEY 745566) which is associated with coastal plain uplands. So I wonder if historically the property would have been of the upland forest (oak/pine) composition? As I could see from Google maps, there are indeed 2 giant willow oaks in the backyard.

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