MD Butterflies

We arrived late tonight/early morning at home, where we’re stopping over before making the final leg of the move. So, I compiled a list of species that can be found in my home region (PD) this time of year (L-July)!

  • pipevine swallowtail
  • spicebush swallowtail
  • little yellow
  • sleepy orange
  • dainty sulphur
  • hickory hairstreak: historical records from this region of the state only
  • American snout: hackberry (will otherwise most commonly stop for puddles, dogbane, aster)
  • Aphrodite fritillary
  • gray comma
  • southern cloudywing
  • confusing cloudywing
  • Hayhurst’s scallopwing
  • mottled duskywing
  • common sootywing
  • northern broken-dash
  • little glassywing
  • broad-winged skipper
  • ocola skipper

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