This morning, we heeded our bird alarm clocks and were treated to views of streak-backed orioles and black-headed trogon again right within the confines of the condo complex! We continued up the road and found stripe-headed sparrow in an area that, sadly, may be marked for development. As we walked back down the road, I saw my lifer squirrel cuckoo and rose-throated becards in the same tree.

Then, we decided it was time to head to a national park. Along the road into Santa Rosa, we spotted a lesser ground-cuckoo. We walked out to the Tierras Emergidas lookout before continuing on. Further down the park entrance road, we stopped for a white-lored gnatcatcher. We drove down to the administrative buildings, and saw an elegant trogon right from the road! We also saw my lifer white-tipped dove. At the visitor center, we got knockout looks at pale-billed woodpecker and orange-fronted parakeets. Tomorrow, we’ll do the Indio Desnudo trail.

In the evening back at home base, a small flock of white-throated magpie jays came in to the treetops visible from our deck. 

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