GDAL Warp Adventure

I’m working with a colleague on processing a raster, in order to define patches by connectivity rules. The input raster was a habitat suitability model, where…

  • 1 = suitable habitat
  • 0 = unsuitable habitat
  • 255 = background “no data” value

So, we needed to ultimately make the “1s” into patches. To do this, we needed to set all of the other values to “no data.” It looked something like this…

gdalwarp -srcnodata 255 -dstnodata 0 input.tif output.tif
gdal_translate -a_nodata 0 output.tif unary.tif

In the 1st line, we changed all the 255’s to 0’s. In the 2nd line, we changed all the 0’s to “no data.” So, the only data value left in the file was 1.

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