Weekend GIS Fun: Part 2

See part 1 for the relevant shape file and description of what’s going on! In the last post, we identified the map codes of interest to subset the shape file. Here’s some code for working with it in R.

bedrock <- readOGR(dsn="~/Arrowhead_South_Bedrock_Geology","Arrowhead_South_Bedrock_Geology")
basalt = subset(bedrock,map_label=="Mnd" | map_label=="Mna")
writeOGR(basalt,dsn=".",layer="basalt",driver="ESRI Shapefile")

So now we have a shape file of the diabase-textured basalt and andesite! To take it in the field, I found this great iPhone app. Once I had the shape file loaded into a project, I could see my GPS location for navigation.

Here’s a non-GIS based hint of where to find pipe vesicles. In biological news, I saw a Franklin’s ground squirrel at Brighton Beach today!

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