Winter WMA

I started bird surveys this week, and this was my 1st site! Oddly, it’s hard to find a map of this area anywhere online, which makes me wonder if it’s the tract that’s been most recently added? I have surveyed an area off 211th street that’s marked with WMA signs. There was on-and-off rain earlier in the week, so the grassland has definitely been soggy, but I think the dew would make for wet conditions anyway.


I anticipate wearing my Hunter tall boots everyday on these western surveys. I’m wishing I had the wherewithal to have stocked up on compression socks, because they’re great! My feet were a little sore after e.g. 2 plots in a row, but it was definitely manageable and they recovered quickly. I’m still a bit mystified as to how my socks got soaked in my boots, but it didn’t bother me (maybe even helped keep them cool in an otherwise non-breathable rubber boot). I have yoga capri pants that go well with my boots, but they’re not exactly quick dry; it’s OK though so far because as the morning progresses, my pants dry as I go. Otherwise, a tee shirt and my fleecy sweatshirt have been perfect layering for these mild conditions!

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