Twitter Game Roundup

For my weekly sci-comm game on Twitter #NameThatBirdSong I post a bird song at noon on Weds. and ask people to tweet what they think it sounds like (i.e. make up their own original #altmnemonic). The name of the game is a play on that many mnemonics for bird song are some form of onomatopoeia (though entries aren’t limited to that!) so our interpretation of the song has often become our name of the bird. Intrigued? Play along today! This week’s challenge bird is the white-throated sparrow!

Here’s the list of birds that have been weekly challenge birds over (roughly) the North American avian breeding season:

  • northern bobwhite
  • grasshopper sparrow
  • American goldfinch
  • chipping sparrow
  • dickcissel
  • red-eyed vireo
  • warbling vireo
  • song sparrow
  • chestnut-sided warbler
  • Baltimore oriole
  • merlin
  • common grackle

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