Finally, Another Great Horned Owl Sighting!

I’m thrilled to say we finally saw another great horned owl in my atlas block tonight, about a year since my only other sighting! We staked it out as it was hunting, and we lost it when it flew almost parallel the road toward 11th street. We drove down 11th street hoping to relocate it, but no luck. It will be worth checking the surrounding blocks in that direction (e.g. 10th street, etc.) to see if we can find a nest!

If we were to stipulate that this is the same owl, the sighting was (as the owl flies) 1.25 miles away from last year’s sighting. Including the 2nd hand ore dock report, the owl sightings are within the distance bin of a successful male (largest total spring home range = 480 ha). If this is the case, here’s a map of a hypothetical (circular) home range that includes all the sighting locations within the circumference, so the nest could be somewhere therein!

Screenshot from 2018-04-30 15-53-25
480 ha circle that includes all of the GHOW sighting locations within the perimeter.

Alternately, of course, it could be 2 different owls! We’ll never know for sure, but it would be great to find out more.

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