1st Night of Atlas Surveying for 2018!

Tonight from 5:00-7:30pm I went out to check my atlas block for the 1st time this year! It was a warm, windless evening, but dusk occurs now while after-work traffic is still relatively high. So, some of the spots I surveyed last spring close to the highway were too noisy. I went to Wisconsin Point to listen at 0.5 mi intervals along the road within my block, but no owls! It seems like such a great location for owls, and maybe it is, but I’ve never had luck surveying there. That’s the most well-birded area in my block, and also a place I’ve checked quite a bit by evening/night. Yet, the woman who reported the GHOW calling in Lester Park last night mentioned she didn’t hear the owl this evening in the dusk hours. It’s a good reminder that individual owls can be particular and only call within a certain time window, so perhaps I’m missing the ones that are there.

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