Google Earth Image Exporting for Download

We were breaking apart our region of interest to facilitate downloads, but I decided instead to let Google tile the image for me. Some things I noticed: even when providing a region for export, the extent is used as opposed to an actual “clip” of the image. However, when you clip the image earlier in the script, it appears that the extra region given is just filled with 0’s (so perhaps you can download a smaller image of the same extent by providing the clip).

Some weird notes on differences between the *.tifs surely resulting from some part of from what I’ve changed…

  • the mask that makes only 1’s part of the image: in some things I was trying before it fussed at me seemingly because of the mask so by exporting an image of 0’s and 1’s it seemed to help

What results from both is an image of 0’s and 1’s, but oddly “out of the box” the 1st TIFF displays as expected (i.e. in ArcGIS, even though the auto color scheme is stretched, you can see the wetlands). However, the one with the bullet point changes made does not: it looks all black (the value assigned at the 0 end) until you display with discrete colors. Then, the images look analogous. Looking closer, it looks like the original script exports with unsigned integer and 8 bit pixel depth, whereas my new script exports with floating point and 32 but pixel depth. This is making the newer images way bigger (and I think unnecessarily).

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