Brightest Ray Aurora I’ve Ever Seen!

A CHHSS produced the brightest ray aurora I’ve ever seen right at nightfall! As soon as it got dark enough (but before total dark), we could start to see the aurora in the northern sky, so we knew it was going to be good. As it got darker, the green light only got brighter! We made our way to a clearing on Boulder Dam Rd. to see a bright, well-defined ray dancing like a quill pen writing. There was a patch to the east low in the sky, but unfortunately the aurora was quieting down by the time we got to our next destination. When we made it to Boulder Lake, there was still a bright glow that continued as we drove around. The activity took a hiatus as it got closer to our bedtime, so we took it as a sign to go in and warm up. How convenient to have a bright aurora so early in the night! 🙂

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