In Canada, Without Cell Data Connection

We’re reverting to a more primitive age of birding: one without real time alerts or info, that requires trip planning and carrying paper guides. Here, it’s especially fun to get back to these ways because there’s so much new to see. We have general ideas of what we’re looking for (and thus what habitats to seek out), but otherwise there’s aimless wandering. I looked at websites to figure out which places to go, and that’s about it.

The sense of discovery is what really motivates me in birding. I love the feeling of endless possibilities. Being in a new place where the bird community is so different automatically flips a switch in the mind to exploration and awe, and I live for that feeling.

Also, my mind is getting used to not having my phone to look at when I’m bored, and the impulse to post something is diminishing. I don’t even have as much motivation to take a lot of photos (I’ve taken a few as digital souvenirs). Conveniences such as Google maps are gone, but my defunct phone is giving my brain a break that it has needed. I wonder what would happen if I had even more time here, or at least spent more time living in this habit.

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