The Steps to Getting Started Birding

  1. Just look/listen from your window, deck, backyard, etc.! Notice birds you see around you. Take note of what you can identify and what you can’t (sights and sounds) and let your curiosity drive you to investigate.
  2. Get a good field guide and study up! Learn what’s around you by looking at seasonality and range maps.
  3. If you’re able, set up some kind of feeder that brings birds closer to you, so you can observe them from a convenient location near your home.
  4. Get binoculars so you can better observe all that is around you.
  5. Go for a walk and see if you can find different birds than those that are in your backyard, and might be expected based on your field guide.
  6. Join a local club that organizes bird walks, and go on some of their guided field trips with experts. You’ll learn a lot from being around others who have been doing this for awhile! You might find a local area, county or statewide organization.
  7. Make birding friends to go out with and explore. You can learn a lot from each other, and also help each other in the ID process.
  8. See where it takes you, what’s interesting to you about birding and why you want to bird. Maybe it will lead you on trips around the world to see birds! Maybe it will help you appreciate your outdoors experiences more, by thinking about the avian life around you. Maybe it will inspire you to contribute to citizen science. Whatever it is, I hope you learn a little more about the birds around you, so we can think more about them and what we can do for conservation, even in our backyards.

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