Recommendations for Birding Gear

I was heartened to see that even Popular Mechanics is getting into birding in their own way, but I wanted to make a few tweaks to this list, as, well, a birder! Here are some additional or alternative things to consider purchasing for your birding ventures…

  • spotting scopeI have a Swarovski 80mm ATS angled spotting scope, which rocks! Ultimately you’re going to have to see what fits your budget (or start budgeting to save up for a scope)!
  • binoculars: again, this will mostly depend on what you can afford to spend…and in the optics world, the more expensive really is the better!
  • Scopac: this is a handy little pack that allows you to attach your scope and tripod for easier carrying on your back while also keeping it setup for easy spotting. The pack allows you to carry light essentials.
  • Sibley guide to birds app: it’s the most expensive bird guide app out there, but by far the best and well worth the price ($20). It also beats carrying the guide around when you’ll already likely have your smartphone with you.
  • Peterson’s Birding By Ear


  • hat
  • gloves

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