Brule Glacial Spillway State Natural Area

Today, my naturalist boyfriend suggested we check out Stone Chimney Rd. It was amazing for butterflies! There were too many to focus on, and several lifers for me. So, the linked list is only those I could get close enough to identify. There’s no room for e.g. entering a record to genus.

To add onto that report, we saw at least 5 duskywings; if I were to guess, I’d say they were dreamy. It’s “peak week” for them, and they seem to have a more northerly distribution than sleepy duskywing. Mike notes that they can become locally abundant in the far north of WI, which is where we were. They were feeding on fringed polygala, like several of the other species we saw.

We also saw an unidentified white and a sulphur, as well as several fast-flying blues. There were even a few fritillaries I wasn’t able to ID.

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