Looking for Nocturnal Species for the WI BBA

Today, I went back to where I found the great horned owl. I didn’t find any new nocturnal species, but I did find white-breasted nuthatches carrying nest material in the late morning! I also found what could be a large nest, but it’s high in a pine tree and thus difficult to fully see. I’m unable to get a good look into what might be a nest, and returning to visit in the evening yielded no activity around the site. I want to trek back to where I think the owl landed earlier in the week, but I’ll likely need sturdier field clothing to make it through the vegetation.

I’m curious about the¬†drainage stream that run parallel to 24th street. Is there anything interesting that hangs out in that small, man-made (or at least enhanced) water feature? It looks like it was a ditch created for the sake of the railroad tracks. I also still don’t know what the seeming natural area is that is between Enbridge property and the Nemadji River.

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