Storm Water Treatment Area 5/6 Field Trip

Today we went with the Wilson Ornithological Society to STA 5/6. My boyfriend and I went there last year, but for a very brief “run-through” tagging along during the CBC. We made the unwise decision to not participate in the full day, and learned when we arrived that it’s a place worth spending the whole day. I was 1st intrigued browsing the area checklist given to us by our guide. Such rarities as…

  • white-faced whistling duck
  • white-cheeked pintail
  • American flamingo
  • Cassin’s kingbird
  • gray kingbird
  • cave swallow

…have been spotted within the bounds of the property. (I put gray kingbird in bold because there’s one “currently” being seen there, but we didn’t see it.)

tropical kingbird

So, funny story about the featured bird in this photo: I thought it was a lifer until Morgan Tingley, after I mentioned my trip to Costa Rica for spring break in 2012, asked how it was possible I didn’t see one there. Still convinced I hadn’t (but now with a seed of doubt), I double-checked my trip log, and sure enough, it was one of the first birds I ID’ed while there! I apparently saw one near the parking lot shortly after we arrived at Monteverde lodge (oops).

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