Duluth CBC

Today, I did my 1st CBC in my new (well, since end of summer) home city. I joined the team that counted section T. It was my most northerly CBC yet! Accordingly, new personal CBC birds for me: pine grosbeaks and ravens! My team was led by a friend, and I met a new birding friend that was on our team.

We broke for lunch and I had a new northern specialty: Tom and Jerry. It’s funny how I’ve lived in the upper Midwest for 5 years now, and even despite my many visits to the north woods, I’m experiencing a whole new degree of northern culture living here. I guess it’s to be expected, and perhaps comes with the shift in climate and eco-region. 🙂 I also continue to learn more about the cold and how to guard against it than I ever had to think about…surely, at least, before I moved to Wisconsin.

At the tally rally, we learned of no new rarities. Now, when are we going to organize a pelagic component to get the half of that circle we’re missing? 😉

Someone spotted an American three-toed woodpecker way up north, near Ely. Maybe that will be a venture when I return next year after the holidays.

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