The Dawn of a New Era

I’m in the 1st half of the 1st day of my 30’s, so now it’s time to look forward. The last decade was about school, and earning my way to a Ph.D. This decade will be about career (though certainly not solely). I’m happy for where I am right now, and grateful for the foundation I’ve built. I feel poised to move on and take on this next phase, and see a lot of possibilities ahead. I’m blessed to do what I love for a living: ornithology. I’m lucky to have such a cool job. Currently, I like being a research associate, and I’m pondering next steps.  I could see myself staying permanently in a role like this, but I’ll make the best decision at each turn, and try not to rush things. Lately, I’ve been about taking it slow and enjoying each step, instead of just rushing ahead to the next one (mentally or otherwise). So, as I look around in the here and now, I realize I’m in a great place, and just where I want to be! 🙂

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