My Best Agate Yet!

I found this gem while poking around Flood Bay this afternoon! It’s a fortification and a floater agate, which is mostly micro-crystalline quartz.


a mostly intact nodule

Last weekend, my I taught my boyfriend about agate hunting, and we found a number of them. There’s a corner of this one (left) that’s broken to reveal very fine banding, but it’s too small to photograph with my iPhone. Instead, I wanted to photograph the (admittedly less photogenic) exterior, which represents a complete agate. The surface is what would have been touching the vesicle in which the agate formed. The bands are in the interior of the agate.


One thought on “My Best Agate Yet!

  1. Wow, what an incredible find! As someone who’s all about exploring the great outdoors and stumbling upon hidden treasures, I’m seriously impressed by this find. Nature never ceases to amaze me with its unique and stunning creations. Props to Jessica for introducing their boyfriend to the joys of agate hunting. And let’s be real, learning about the different types of agates and their micro-crystalline quartz makeup is pretty dang cool. Keep on hunting, y’all!

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