Bayesian Inference Ideas from R-INLA

I kind of hesitate to post “general” R-INLA posts because it’s a.) not my job so b.) I don’t really have time to give it the treatment it deserves. I don’t want to rewrite the website, yet, though I do want to make it more accessible. Right now, I’m mining the R-INLA site for biologically relevant ideas…

  • dispersal barrier models
  • spatial models of whatever phenomena (e.g. range maps)
  • spatio-temporal models of whatever phenomena (e.g. spatially varying relationships between response and covariate)
  • species distribution models
  • clustering analyses (? look more into this)

Until I have my own graphs and maps for the cover photo, here is where there is currently a R-INLA conference going on. I wish I could be there, for several reasons!

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