My 1st Day as a Research Associate!

Today is my first day at the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) so here’s a shiny new CV to reflect it. It was typical first day stuff; I met a lot of people, filled out paperwork and got my new office. I don’t have my desktop computer yet so I’m waiting on that. I’m mostly catching up on emails that have been sitting in my inbox and settling in today. I’m trying to get back on the page where I left off with my dissertation so I can get ready to roll on the next steps of publication. I’m also picking up old correspondences since graduation.

As for my new job: the project that funds me kicked off on June 1, 2014. I was hired to replace a post-doc who moved on and found a permanent job. So, I’m here now for the last 2 years of the grant, trying to pick up where everyone left off and help finish off the project. That will be a learning curve, especially because the part I’m most involved with has been ongoing research for decades. So, I’ll be playing “catchup” and trying to synthesize all the past information I’ll receive. This can be an advantage, though, in the sense that I have a fresh set of eyes to look at all the material and figure out where we are. I can sift through what may be now just “legacy” and sort out the relevant from the obsolete.

Tomorrow, I’ll read papers related to the grant. I’m going to be a landscape ecologist here.

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