Feeder Cam in the Backyard

I put the camera on the ground in the backyard, and captured my quarry: white-crowned sparrow! The most I counted at a time was 4 individuals.

wingbarsThese birds looked closest to the eastern taiga subspecies, but I wonder if we might get individuals from the inter-grade zone. Probably the thing I love most about the feeder cam is it gives me a chance to study the subjects closer than I often would be able to by just watching. It’s neat to notice the white chin (featured photo) that I may not have had a long enough look to see “in the field.”Likewise, it was nice to be able to see the bright wing bars, grey nape and striped back on this bird I may have overlooked otherwise. Photos of a different bird showed cinnamon-colored flanks, rump and under-tail coverts. Great to see the finer details that aren’t crucial to ID, and thus aren’t so often noted in bird guides nor by birders alike!

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