Whoops: Too Quick to Change!

(This post is backdated in keeping with the chronology of the camera footage.) Either there’s some delay in the camera transferring images to the card, or I overlooked this (entirely possible), but I captured a white-crowned sparrow on the front feeder cam! I was hoping to, because the camera can still get the wi-fi there, but I was impatient and moved the camera to the backyard. I wanted to stick to my guns with the camera placement, but I really wanted to get nice photos of the white-crowned sparrows I was seeing! It’s not much a loss, though; the white-crowned sparrows did seem to more readily use that space and congregate there. It was also a nice change of background scenery. However, the swaying grass is tricky for the motion sensor, especially when it’s on high. The conditions are really ideal for the cam in this little patch. I’ll probably move the camera back and see what else shows up in the front yard.

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