I’m working on “the standard” FRAGSTATS questions within buffers of BBS routes. I need to compute spatial stats for each region (i.e. BBS buffer) using the National Land Cover Data (NLCD) 2011. Patch Grid has a convenient tool, Spatial Statistics (by Regions) to compute FRAGSTATS metrics by shape file-defined areas. Unfortunately, though, I get a cryptic “error encountered looping” message that I can’t seem to fix.

The NLCD 2011 file I had was an ESRI GRID. I reclassified the “zero” value (No Data) from the NLCD to 1. Then, I clipped it to my buffers using the Geospatial Modelling Environment (GME). I created a batch file for FRAGSTATS using Python for all the “buffer rasters.”

I also converted the NLCD to a TIFF with NoData classified as 0.

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