No Preview Available

Here it continues: one of the hardest parts about picking a theme is that, as I mentioned in a prior post, the “live preview” is often not helpful. You need to have your site setup just the right way, and even so, there still may be settings to change before you get a sense of what a theme would look like for your content.

Pro-tip: if you really want to see what the page would look like, go to its homepage and look for a preview.

That said, I hate when themes don’t have a demo page/it doesn’t work! It’s actually pretty rare, but how do I check out the following themes?

  • page doesn’t exist
    • arora
    • Infinite
  • page broken
    • Openstrap
    • Aron
    • Akyra
    • Alum
    • Weblizar
  • page in development/update: The WP
  • no demo
    •  Aaron
    • Styled Themes – supposedly there are demos for these but I can’t find them
      • Preferential Lite
      • Pure & Simple
      • Flat Responsive
      • sleeky

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