The Task of Picking a Theme

So, now I have this fancy WordPress-powered site to up my professional game, but let me tell ya: picking a theme is way harder than I thought! I need a webpage that, for now, showcases me as I look for a job post-graduation. First off, I’m not a designer, so it took me quite a bit to even figure out what I was looking for.

The themes are just on an endlessly-scrolling page. I’ve spent literally days trying to pick the best one. Assessing each is no small task either. While I in principle like the flexibility of the WP platform, it makes it really confusing to try out different themes when each is built differently. I picked WordPress because I want to be able to edit the CSS if I so choose. I’m not there yet, though, so I’m stuck in this limbo of wading through free themes and trying to get one up and running. I finally found the need to take notes on what I like/don’t like about the ones I try, so I can remember later and not find myself re-trying the same themes.

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