Summer Vacation

What better vacations than friends’ weddings? I just got the invite to attend the wedding of 2 of my dear friends from my MS lab. In addition to seeing many of our close friends again and celebrating a joyous occasion, we’re of course also already planning our birding!

My mom’s best friend has a house in Cape Cod, MA. We’re kicking around the idea of flying into Boston and boating to Provincetown from there (round-trip). The wedding is 35 minutes from Boston, so given that the timing works out, we could have an afternoon-through-morning at the cape before heading north for the wedding on Friday. Cape Cod hosts breeding Arctic and roseate terns, as well as salt marsh sparrows. 

On Saturday, we could head north to Maine for the rest of the weekend, to see black guillemots along the coast. Mid-coast hosts nesting Atlantic puffins. The only question is…are we crazy enough to head to the border for razorbills?

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