WI Rare Birds: January

It’s time to cheer myself up about being in cold weather with the birds I could see this month. Thanks to diligent e-Birders and the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology Records Committee, many of the historic sightings from the state checklist are now online and searchable in e-Bird. If a particular species interests you, search for sightings within the time frame of interest. (Also, please note I’ll be updating this post to keep current with sightings for the month.)
With this El Nino winter, it’s already shaping up to be an interesting month! As far as feeder birds, a lucky Clark Co. residence ended up with a gray-crowned rosy finch! Last winter a brambling appeared at a northern feeder (currently, there’s one in OH and AR). Also watch your feeders for the very rare but possible…
  • black-throated sparrow
  • Scott’s oriole

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